Updated look at the 2018 NPSL Sunshine Conference schedule

May 10, 2018

Well before the start of the season, I reviewed the schedule for the National Premier Soccer League’s Sunshine Conference. Here are some key points:

  • The conference consists of seven teams who play each other home and away.
  • The second and third place finishers play each other on Wednesday, July 11. The winner of that match plays the first place finisher on Saturday, July 14.
  • The first two match weeks consisted solely of Miami FC 2 and Miami United playing their fixture.
  • Partially because of the above point, the final regular season match for Miami FC 2 was scheduled for June 27.
  • Miami United had games scheduled for each weekend (and no mid-week matches). Their regular season ends June 30.
  • Jacksonville Armada, on the other hand, had a game scheduled for Saturday, July 7.

At the time of writing that post, Miami United was the only team participating in the United States Open Cup. However, Miami FC 2 and Jacksonville were subsequently invited to participate. This has affected the NPSL schedule for both clubs as they had games scheduled for the weekend on which they won their play-in games for the Cup tournament:

  • Jacksonville’s match at Storm FC was rescheduled to Wednesday, July 4.
  • Miami’s match versus Naples United was moved to Tuesday, July 3.
  • Additionally, due to a conflict with the 2nd round of the USOC, Miami’s match versus Boca Raton was moved to Saturday, July 7.

Because of that, Miami FC’s nice break before the playoffs is now gone. This would not necessarily hvae been a concern for them, had they pulled off to a lead in the conference already. Alas, they played Miami United to a draw in both the away and home legs of that fixture. Their only relief came in the form of a draw against Jacksonville, a match in which they were without two starters due to red cards from the second Miami United game.

Miami United, on the other hand followed their draws with victories against Naples United (3-0) and Boca Raton (4-0). As they did not have any mid-week matches on their schedule, their are still poised to have at least a week and a half break before the playoffs (a full two weeks off if they snag the top seed).

Jacksonville travels to Miami United on Sunday, May 27 and hosts Miami FC 2 Wednesday, June 6. That key mid-week match is preceded by hosting Storm FC on Saturday and followed by traveling to Palm Beach United three days later. They host Miami United on Saturday, June 23, which is followed by a Wednesday/Saturday/Wednesday/Saturday run of matches to close the regular season.

This Saturday marks the first full weekend of conference action. In their season opener, Storm FC host Miami United. Palm Beach United’s first match of the season is at Naples United. Finally, Jacksonville travels to Boca Raton.

No one has a match scheduled for May 23, the third round of the US Open Cup. With Miami FC 2 and Miami United playing each other in the second round it is guaranteed that one will advance. Meanwhile, Jacksonville hosts Tampa Bay Rowdies.  The winners of those two matches will play each other in the third round, presumably.  The Jacksonville-Miami FC 2 match scheduled for June 6 would conflict with the fourth round of the cup, however, should either team advance that far.


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