Books for Christmas

December 15, 2016

Nobody asked me, but here’s five recommendations for the avid reader on your list:


  • Liar’s Poker – Michael Lewis
    • I figured I would start strong. If this isn’t my favorite book as an adult, it’s definitely on the short list.  It is humorous, entertaining, and enlightening. There is just so much to get out of it:
      • A story of a guy’s first job out of college
      • A story of 1980’s Wall Street
      • A story about a company losing it’s culture as it rapidly expands.
      • A story demonstrating how investment banks initially made mortgages an item of speculation.
      • The book that established Michael Lewis’ career as a writer. (I saw Michael Lewis speak once and he mentioned a former high-school classmate (maybe Sean Tuohy) saying that the classmate remembered him as the doofus in the back row and couldn’t for the life of him figure out how Lewis managed to become a respected writer).
  • Under the Wire – William Ash and Brendan Foley
    • The story of a Texan who went to Canada to join the Royal Air Force in 1940 is action packed and worthy of a movie. After getting shot down and eventually captured by the Gestapo, Ash became a serial escape artist and rubbed elbows with many of the legends of World War II prisoner of war camp escapes.
  • Fever Pitch – Nick Hornby
    • Given how many soccer related books I’ve read in the past couple of years, there was nil chance of one not getting onto this list. The acclaimed novelist wrote about his life-long obsession with Arsenal Football Club.  Perfectly readable if you’re not a soccer fan, it is equally so if you are. Among other things, it captures a long period of top-level English football just before its scene changed dramatically.



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