No, Shahid Khan does not consider season ticket holders to be the only true Jaguars fans

January 12, 2012

(In response to Pro Football Talk’s post New Jags Owner defines “fan” narrowly)


No, Mike Florio ** , ye whose website never misses an opportunity to bash Jacksonville, Shahid Khan’s remarks during the Mike Mularkey press conference yesterday were not

 a candid effort to hinge the privilege of following Khan’s team upon the giving of a large chunk of money to Khan’s team on an annual basis.

The comments that Florio remarks upon begin at the 15:30 minute mark of the video and start off with the need for Jaguars fans to get to know Mike Mularkey the way that  Kahn and Gene Smith know Mike (bold-face indicating the ‘controversial’ statement)

We have an event next week; we are going to have a lot of events for the  fans to come out and meet Mike. And  uh, really, uh, get to know him, frankly.  But the bottom line is and  you know, I think I can clarify this point ,  for me a fan is someone who is a season ticket holder for the Jaguars. (press chuckles) so uh that is a key definition we need to get out.

If Mr. Khan’s definition of a fan were as strict as Florio supposes it to be, the event for fans next week that Khan mentioned would be restricted to season ticket holders. It is not. The Ready to Rise Rally is open to the public at large.  As the media’s chuckles indicates, it was a tongue-in-cheek remark, not one to be taken seriously.

** Over the course of the season, the Rumor Mill has treated it a routine course of events for the home games of teams not named “Jacksonville Jaguars” to be blacked out or for such teams to offer tickets on a buy one get one free basis. However, anytime a Jacksonville game came near to be being blacked out, the Rumor Mill would report  the news in a manner such that it seemed to be an event so horrible that moving vans were on the verge of starting their engines to take the Jaguars  to the western terminus of Interstate 10.


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