Super Bowl winning coaches have not repeated their success with another team

January 5, 2012

As is my wont, I listened to the 1010 XL afternoon sports talk team pontificate upon the speculations of the day. Amongst the banter was a reference to this passage in today’s Florida-Times Union, in which Jaguars owner Shahid Khan  comments upon the (lack of) success Super-Bowl winning coaches have had with other teams:

Statistically, we know those are the people who maybe did it once, but I don’t think anybody’s done it twice with another team

The hosts commented t that they think Khan  might have a point, but implied that they weren’t sure whether he was correct.  **

I was about to research this for myself, but broke off the effort when I discovered Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole’s article from earlier this season in which he reveals that “none of the 12 men who have tried have won a Super Bowl title with a second team“. ***

Looking for a winner

So, the mustachioed owner is essentially correct.  History indicates that owners who bring in Super-Bowl winning coaches with hopes of the coach repeating their old success end up disappointed.

That is not to say, of course, that coaches with a high level of achievement in their first coaching jobs do not win the Super Bowl with other teams later on.  Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, and Tom Coughlin all came up just short in their rookie efforts, but won the big prize with their second team.  The question which elicited the comment, though, was apparently about Super Bowl winning coaches, specifically.


** As a person who cannot stand trying to remember or fact-check an easily verifiable nugget of information without performing a quick online search,  it’s quite frustrating the number of times the hosts will say “I think” , “Maybe”, “Do you remember… I don’t know” on things that are essential to the conversation they are having without actually looking it up.   One can understand not stopping the flow of conversation to look something up, but it does seem odd for something to be guessed upon before a commercial break and still being wondered about thereafter when that something could have been very easily and quickly checked online.

***Bill Parcells,Jimmy  Johnson, Mike Ditka, Mike Holmgren, Don McCafferty, Joe Gibbs, Mike Shanahan, Hank Stram, Dick Vermeil, George Seifert, Tom Flores and Vince Lombardi


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