Two more things re Florida State-Virginia Tech

December 4, 2010

Despite the  War&Peace length of my post below, I still managed to miss a couple of things that I had wanted to note:

  • The Florida papers have been noting that Frank Beamer is 1-8 against Virginia Tech.  However, all of them have failed to put the record into context.  As the series history shows, the first four of those games were from 1988-1991, which was the front-end of Florida State’s streak of top five finishes in the rankings and before Virginia Tech started its ascent. Florida State was ranked 5,19,2, and 1, going into those games, while Virginia Tech was unranked (two of those seasons Tech finished with a losing record).  Of the five games after that, with both teams playing more or less as equals, three were played in the state of Florida.   As such, it’s not surprising that Beamer has a losing record against FSU.
  • The last two games were marred by the eventual losing team losing it’s starting quarterback. In 2007, Christian Ponder made his debut after Drew Weatherford was knocked out of the game.  In 2008, Virginia Tech not only lost Tyrod Taylor,  but his backup, Sean Glennon, as well.  It appears that today’s game may be similarly affected before it begins.  The Tallahassee Democrat is reporting that Christian Ponder”is not expected to start” with sophmore E.J. Manuel in his place.  Manuel would come into this game with a bit more experience than Ponder did when he pulled replacement duty. E.J., who went to high school in Virginia Beach, has five starts already, one of those in a win against Clemson earlier this season.

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