Three quick thoughts on the 9th 9/11 after

September 11, 2010

– Last week, I walked outside and took in a perfectly clear deep blue sky and temperatures not exactly cool, yet cooler enough to make it clear Fall was around the corner.  Those were the same weather conditions on the morning I walked to work on this day nine years ago; they were unchanged when I walked back after my workplace was evacuated.  Ever since, weather like that has made me remember.

– This morning it occured to me that there are young men and women in uniform right now who were as young as eight years old that day.  Probably less than a third of the personnel on active duty were ‘standing the watch’ then.  The other two thirds have been in a wartime military their whole careers.

– I’m going about my day as Glen Reynolds intends to: “I’ll just lead a normal day, and think about those who can’t, any more.”


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