Hurricane Alex update

June 30, 2010

-After the previous plane aborted its mission due to radar failure, recon found Alex with pressure 12 millibars lower than last night; 963 millibars.  Winds observed justified increasing the intensity for the 4 AM advisory to 70 knots/80 mph.  As I’d mentioned on my Friendfeed last night, Alex’s large size means that the pressure gradient is less steep . Because of that, wind speeds aren’t as high as they would be for a smaller storm (Charley, for example, had 110 knot winds when its pressure was this low).  The peak intensity forecast for Alex has been upped to 85 knots/100 mph, with rapid intensification remaining a possibility.

-As for the forecast track, it was adjusted slightly north after Alex wobbled to the north along 95° West. It appears that a west-northwest motion has resumed and Alex will make landfall tomorrow on the northern coast of Mexico.

Southeast plains radar mosaic shows rain from an outer band of Alex reaching all of the Texas coast along with a bit of western Louisiana.


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