Tropical Storm Ana forms in the Atlantic, Tropical Depression Three to become official at 11 AM.

August 15, 2009

After Wednesday’s near miss at becoming Ana, Tropical Depression Two weakened substantially, to the point that the National Hurricane Center stopped issuing advisories on it. However, it slowly recovered and advisories were re-initiated last night with this morning’s advisory introducing Tropical Storm Ana. This put’s 2009 as ninth on the list of seasons (1944-present) with late first tropical storms:

Year Date
of first tropical storm (Zulu/UTC)
1977 30 August Anita
1967 30 August Beulah
1962 26 August
1952 24 August Fox
1949 21 August Hurricane #
1984 19/29 August Diana
1992 16 August Andrew
1983 15 August Alicia
15 August
1950 12 August Easy,
1987 9 August Emily
1988 7 August Gilbert
2000 4 August Keith
1980 2 August Allen
1963 2 August Flora
2004 1 August Ivan

The current forecast does not strengthen Ana to a hurricane, but there is a considerable spread in model guidance.

Further to the east . the NHC will start advisories on Tropical Depression Three at 11 AM. This is likely to be a considerable threat to the Leeward Islands by Thursday. As always, check with the National Hurricane Center for the latest.

The Atlantic this morning

The Atlantic this morning, with soon to be Tropical Depression Three in the bottom right, with Ana slightly up and to the left from it.

And yes, Ana doesn’t look too impressive in that picture. Looking at a satellite loop, the storm’s appearance has degraded since the overnight hours.


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