Tropical Storm Nena forms in a very unusual place for this time of year.

October 12, 2008

The deep tropical Atlantic is not an unusual place for storms to form in July, August, or September.  Once you get past the peak of season and into October, however, it’s rare to see a storm form east of 40° W and south of 20° N, which is where Tropical Storm Nena formed this afternoon.

How unusual is it to see a storm form out there this late in the season?  Well, you have to go back to Pablo of 1995 to find an example of it in October.  To find an example in the second week of October, you have to go back to 1928.  But that was still a couple of days before today.  To find a storm forming that far south and east later in the season than today you have to go all the way back to Hurricane #10 of 1903.

That little tidbit of trivia is about the most interesting thing that we’re probably going to get out of Nena as unfavorable atomspheric conditions are forecast to wipe the storm off the map by tomorrow evening.

However, that may not mean a quiet Atlantic basin as an area of low pressure in the central Caribbean is being closely monitored for signs of development.


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