Time to leave New Orleans

August 30, 2008

Last night I had some skepticism regarding whether people would need to leave New Orleans.  The events of the past 18 hours have done away with that.  While the forecast is still for a less than worst case scenario, the margin of error is unacceptably small to justify staying.

In his post this morning, Dr Masters addresses criticism that he received regarding his post yesterday, which called for people to leave N.O.  The two bits he notes are that it “isn’t his job to tell people to leave” and that it’s not natural to live in a place that is under sea level.

The latter could have been better worded, something like, “It’s not natural to stay in a place that’s under sea level when there’s a reasonable chance of it flooding out”.

I’ve little regard for the other criticsm, however.  It may not be one’s “job” to yell “Watch out!” to some one who is about to blindly step out into the path of a car, but it is a moral imperative.  The libertarian part of me empathizes with the rejection of people bossing others around, but my regard for the value of human life causes me to press on with the recommendations.  With the time and money that is put into forecasting hurricanes, there is no reason why a storm should take large numbers of lives.

So carry on Dr Masters, don’t change your ways.


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