FSU single game field goal record to be broken against the Hurricanes?

October 20, 2007

There’s no series in college football better known for a team misseing field goals than Florida State against Miami. For that reason, it’s highly entertaining that with 13 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter, FSU’s Gary Cismesia has kicked a record tying five field goals. This is the second time that Cismesia has tied the record. Sebastien Janikowski accomplished the feat twice as well and it was Bill Capece who set the record in 1980.


On their subsequent three posessions Florida State failed to get into field goal position and after that Miami scored a touchdown to take the lead by a point with just over a minute to go. A potentially dramatic finish was utterly ruined when Xavier Lee dawdled in the pocket too longwas stripped of the ball, which was subsequently carried to the end zone to put Miami up by seven. Lee’s meltdown continued when after scrambling for a few yards on the next posession, he threw three consecutive incomplete passes, all of which were short pass attempts that skipped off the ground in front of the receiver. Miami then ran the clock out. Thus ended what it was almost certainly the last FSU game I’ll be able to watch in its entirety this season (and quite possibly the last FSU game I’ll  be able to see at all.   However, considering who FSU has to face in November that might not be entirely a bad thing).


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