A little bit of climatology

September 4, 2006

Not much new to say about Tropical Depression Six; just wanted to share the history of tropical depressions and storms in a similar position to that of 6.

August and September Tropical Depressions and storms that passed within 100 nautical miles of TD6’s 11 PM position.

As you can see, it is difficult for storms that start as far north as 6 did to make it to the east coast; most go up the gap that opens when the Bermuda high is in an easterly position.   There are, though, some notorious storms that have started to go up such a gap only to have the high strengthen or shift to the west, which forces the storm ashore, such as Gloria and the 1938 storm are two such examples with Diane perhaps being the most dramatic example of a high trapping a storm that would have been headed out to sea.


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