Tropical Weather Tidbits 21 Aug 2006 – Tropical Depression forms in the Atlantic

August 21, 2006

– TROPICAL DEPRESSION FORMS… in the eastern Pacific.  The National Hurricane Center just posted its first advisory package for Tropical Depression 10.   The  forecast brings the depression up to hurricane strength, on a course parallel to, but fairly well offshore of the Baja peninsula.

– TROPICAL DEPRESSION FORMS… in the Atlantic.  Just as I am started to write this, it appears that the National Hurricane Center has classified the tropical wave that came off the coast of Africa yesterday as a tropical depression and will initiate advisories at 5 PM.  This wave wasn’t particularly interesting looking at the time I wrote my update yesterday,  but thunderstorm activity increased significantly last night and became organized over the course of this morning and afternoon.


This is five days worth of satellite imagery at 12 hour intervals (credit: Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch).  The best way to look at it is to start with the most recent image at the bottom, which is from this morning. You can see a large area of thunderstorms just west of the coast of Africa. As you look up and to the right, you can see the progression of this disturbance.   I am definitely guilty of not looking far enough east when I was writing my tidbits yesterday.  More on this depression late tonight.

–  In the central Pacific, Hurricane Ioke continues to strengthen and it seems likely that it will become a major hurricane in the next day or so. My tidbit yesterday gave the impression that it is not a threat to land… which is not quite the case. It is forecast to brush Johnston Island, which is home to a National Wildlife Refuge. Just as one should not forget Poland, one should not forget those tiny Pacific islands.


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