Tropical Weather Tidibits 20 August 2006

August 20, 2006

– The most interesting tropical weather is in the normally dormant Central Pacific. Tropical Storm Ioke (pronounced eeOHkee, Hawaiian for Joyce) formed there this morning and is the first tropical storm to form in that basin since Huko in 2002. Ioke is forecast to become a hurricane by Tuesday. The Central Pacific Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on the storm, which is moving to the west-northwest and as such is not a threat to Hawaii.



– In the extreme left hand side of the image above, one can see the declining Tropical Storm Hector. A category two hurricane at his peak, Hector is feeling the affects of unfavorable shear and increasingly cooler Sea Surface Temperatures.

– In the Atlantic, the quiet times continue. It’s now the quietest stretch in August since a three week period without storms in 2002. A fresh surge of Saharan dust is serving to keep potential areas of development in check at this time.


The hazy area in the middle right hand side of the image is the dust. There is a tropical wave in that area, but its development is inhibited by the dry air. The only thunderstorms are in the Intra-Tropical Convergence Zone to the south.

As such, it is likely that the quiet times in the Atlantic will persist through next week.


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