Busy times in the western Pacific, relatively quiet in the Atlantic.

August 6, 2006


This is a satellite image of the western Pacific this morning (From: Satellite Services Division WPAC page).  Three storms are in it: Tropical Storm Maria is to the top right, to the south is Typhoon Saomai, and to the west of those two is Tropical Storm Bopha. For more information on these storms refer to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center and the Japanese Meteorological Agency.

There are no active storms in the Atlantic basin. The remnants of Chris are moving harmlessly to the west-northwest across  the Gulf of Mexico. An area of low pressure that is nearing the mid-point between the Lesser Antilles and Africa in the tropical Atlantic is being watched for signs of development into a tropical depression.  I had mentioned in a tidbit a few days ago that a few of the global models were forecasting development from this; they have since stopped doing so. The GFDL run that came out early this afternoon brings this up to a tropical storm, but no further over the course of the next five days.


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