Downgraded – Tropical Depression Chris update 040800L

August 4, 2006

Chris completely failed to show improvement since the 5 AM advisory. The last pass of the northeast quadrant maximum found flight level winds of 28 knots, essentially unchanged from the pass before the 5 AM advisory. That combined with a detoriating appearance on satellite caused the downgrade to a tropical depression.


If you didn’t know better you wouldn’t think there had been a tropical storm there. You certainly wouldn’t imagine what was there about six hours ago (as shown in my 2 AM update).  I should have mentioned that the images are from NOAA’s Satellite Services Division. Here’s the link to their Chris imagery (the images I’ve posted here are infrared with the AVN enhancement).

Given the situation, I don’t think Chris will be able to maintain his close circulation throughout the day. The next reconnaisance plane flies in at around 2 PM and that may be the only thing of note for the first part of the mission. If the plane were to fail to find a closed circulation, then the storm would be closed out in the 5 PM advisory package.


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