Quiet end to the month of June

June 28, 2006

While Tropical Storm Bret was forming a year ago today, things  are a little more quiet this year.

The only feature of any interest at the moment is the tropical wave that is about to cross into the Caribbean. While it is well-defined and has plenty of thunderstorm activity associated with it, it is crossing an area of unfavorable upper-level winds that will prevent any development in the next three days. As such it looks like June will close out with only Alberto in the books.

There have already been a few well-defined waves that crossed into the Caribbean only to become indistinct shortly thereafter due to the hostile enviroment. If the curent wave manages to persist well, it may have a shot at development in five days or so when it  enters Gulf of Mexico, where it may find conditions more favorable for development. That is an outside shot scenario that none of the models are latching on to, but just realistic enough to make it worthy of mention.


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