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June 16, 2006

I’ve had to change phase for my two weeks duty for the Navy, so I haven’t had much clarity of mind during the time I’m off duty during the past few days. Hence. no blogging until now.

– Who were the biggest victims of Tropical Storm Alberto? Quite possibly, sea turtles. The Herald Tribune reports that Alberto washed away 48 of 55 sea turtle nests at Longboat, Lido, and Siesta Keys.

– While Alberto provided some much needed rain to parts of Florida, the distribution was short of ideal. The heaviest amounts fell on the western side of the peninsula; an area that was already at normal year to date levels. The wildfire stricken areas on the east coast only received two to three inches. Florida today reports that while Alberto put an end to fires, the rain amounts were not nearly enough to to keep the threat of fires from resurfacing soon.

– In his outlook for the rest of June Dr Masters wrote he would not be surprised to see two more named storms this June.  Climatologically speaking that would be a surprise as there hasn’t been a three storm June since 1968 (storm-less Junes are more common).  With the caveat that Dr Masters has certainly looked at more than I have I’ll say that two more named storms would be a surprise to me, slightly more surprising than having no more this month. 


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