Rain, rain, rain in Acapulco

June 4, 2006

A couple of words you don't want to see in a NHC advisory when a tropical system is off your coast are "stalled" or "stationary". In the case of a developed hurricane, it can mean phenomenal beach erosion, or at the very least lots of rain.

In the case of Tropical Depression Two, Acapulco is experiencing the latter. Going back to 0200Z on Friday (6 PM Pacific Daylight Time), the Acapulco airport has had rain in all but two of its hourly observations up to this time (37 out of 39 hours). Unfortunately, the observations apparently do not use the same format used in the US for recording rainfall totals, so I can't figure out exactly how much rain they've received. An advisory yesterday afternoon stated that Acapulco had received 11 inches of rain.

An article in El Universal reports landslides, flooding, downed trees, and power outages in the affected area, but no lives lost.  

The depression is not forecast to strengthen and is expected to die out just off the coast within a day or so. 


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