2006 storm names

June 1, 2006

A little bit of fun (in the weather geek sense) for the start of hurricane season. A look at the names for this season and the storms that carried them in the past.

This set of names was first used in 1982. Because that was an El Niño year only the first five names were used that year. The last time this set was used (2000), 14 of the names were used. Here are all of them with notes on past storms (links for years are to images of the tracking chart for the storm, links for retired names are to the Wikipedia entry):

Alberto – In 1982 he managed to go from nothing to hurricane and back to nothing in the short space between the Yucatan Peninsula and the coast of West Florida. Tropical storm in 1988 and 1994.  Central Atlantic category 3 in 2000.

Beryl – All four times were as a tropical storm (1982, 1988, 1994, 2000)

Chris – Tropical storm in 1982 , 1988,  and 2000.  Hurricane at sea in 1994.

Debby – Category four hurricane at sea in 1982. Bay of Campeche hurricane in 1988. Tropical Storm in 1994. Leeward Islands hurricane in 2000.

Ernesto – Like Beryl, always a tropical storm and never a hurricane (1982, 1988, 19942000).

Florence – Gulf of Mexico hurricane in 1988 (passed directly over New Orleans at tropical storm strength). At sea hurricane in 1994 and 2000.

Gordon – This spot was held by Gilbert until after the 1988 season. In 1994 a hurricane with a wacky course (at TS strength) through the Caribbean Sea and Straits of Florida en route to briefly threaten the Outer Banks before turning back south. In 2000, the hurricane took a straight line course from the Yucatan to the Big Bend of Florida.

Helene – Category four at sea in 1988 and a tropical storm in 2000.

Isaac – Tropical storm in 1988,  category four at sea in 2000.

Joyce – This spot was held by Joan until after the 1988 season.  Joyce debuted in 2000 as a hurricane that weakened before crossing into the Carribean.

Kirk – Brand new to the list. Spot was formerly held by Keith.

Leslie – A tropical storm in 2000.

Michael – Hurricane in 2000. Hit Newfoundland as an extratropical system.

Nadine – Tropical storm in 2000.

Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie, and William have never been used. The various seasonal forecasts suggest that we will see at least one of those names this season.


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