Hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday in Florida May 21 – June 1

May 22, 2006

Following the recent tradition of a sales tax holiday for school supplies, the state of Florida is currently forgoing sales tax on hurricane supplies that fall under specified price ranges. This includes generators sold for less than $1000, radios less than $50, and flashlights less than $20. The full details on the  hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday are on the Department of Revenue's website.  

The careful title reader will note that the holiday started yesterday.  As your correspondent was fulfilling his one weekend a month obligation to the Navy Reserves, he was unable to note the ocassion on its starting date.

This morning's Sayfie Review has an variety of headlines that are confusing. Residents pile up on hurricane supplies is the Bradenton Herald's headline. The Tampa Tribune dissents with: Hurricane shopping slow despite tax holiday.  The News Press says Hurricane supplies fly off shelves, but the sub-headline of the Orlando Sentinel's story states clearly: Storm supplies not flying off shelves!

As your correspondent tries to investigate the disputed phenomenon of flashlights, etc. taking to the air, he will note that he agrees with the St Petersburg Times headline: No tax, no storm threatening – get supplies now.  


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