More on the Lake Okechobee dike

May 13, 2006

The Palm Beach Post may have been a bit overhead with its headline and intro for today's Lake Okechobee story- Officials' dike solution for now: Pray

PAHOKEE — Pray it doesn't rain.

That was the quickest, least-expensive solution any federal official could offer Friday to the woes of the Herbert Hoover Dike, the leak-prone barrier that a panel of state-commissioned engineers has called a "grave and imminent danger" to human life.

The article lacks quotes from Congressman Mark Foley on what he would like to see done now  (that are in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's article – Congressman wants Lake Okechobee ready when hurricane season arrives).

the United States Army Corps of Engineers should keep the massive body of water's level as low as possible, said Foley, R-Fort Pierce…

On Friday, the lake was at roughly 13 feet, said Col. Robert Carpenter, commander of the Corps' Jacksonville district. Foley said he would like to see the level at 10 or 11 feet.

But the PBP may have a point because the SFSS article follows that with:

It takes roughly 10 days to lower the 730-square-mile lake just 1.2 inches.

So, barring a drought, it would take eight months to get the Lake to the upper end of the level Foley wants it at.

For those with interest in the story the Palm Beach Post has had the lead in coverage of it; they have a special section with all of their past coverage, including a link to the report that triggered all this coverage.


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