Tropical Storm Caloy/Chanchu in the Phillipines

May 12, 2006

Its taste for hurricane porn apparently insatiable, a TV station in Jacksonville showed footage of a ferry sinking in the Phillipines during the local news this evening.

THE BOATS WERE WARNED NOT to leave because of the storm but one of them allegedly still tried to sail away. It never reached its destination.

Carrying at least two dozen people, the motorized outrigger boat sank off Masbate as tropical storm "Caloy" raged through the Visayas and Bicol regions yesterday, drowning six people on board.

They were among the eight people killed in the path of the storm, which slammed across the central parts of the country yesterday, sinking at least three boats, causing landslides and flash floods, triggering power blackouts and destroying dozens of houses…

8 killed as 'Caloy' hits the Phillipines

I believe the footage shown was from the MV Northern Samar  mentioned further in the article; not the fatal incident that leads this article.

The Japan Meteorological Agency's RSMC Tokyo Typhoon Center (the WestPac equivalent of the NHC) classified this as a tropical depression on Tuesday (U.S. day) and then upgraded it to Tropical Storm Chanchu on Wednesday. (The Phillipine Atmospheric. Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration maintains its own name list, hence the difference.)

 The forecast from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center turns Chanchu towards Hong Kong, the JMA forecast is to the left (south) of that.



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