Slow cleanup not unique to Katrina

May 3, 2006

People who write rants like the one that James Joyner linked to and thoughtfully commented need to realize that New Orleans is not the only place where storm damage still stands. Places that were affected earlier are in the same predicament.

To writ: Charlotte County, Florida, which was struck by Hurricane Charley a year before Katrina existed. An article in Sunday's Herald-Tribune, County wants 'final cleanup' of damage caused by Charley, details the situation.

In short, there are still over 1000 damaged structures in the county. Offers of federal grant money extended by the county to homeowners have found few takers. The article also notes that in Miami Dade county, the last structure wrecked by Andrew to be torn down was done so seven years after the event.

LATER: And for the most recent example from Florida, The Miami Herald has a status report on Wilma repairs.


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