Post-season analysis finds another storm

April 12, 2006

Today, the National Hurricane Center released a report on an Unnamed Subtropical Storm, that was not noticed during its time of existence (October 4-5).  This east Atlantic storm got overshadowed by the closer to home landfall of Hurricane Stan and formation of Tropical Storm Tammy.  This increases the 2005 total for subtropical and tropical storms to 28.

 The interesting thing, (in a trivial sort of way), about this is that had this been noticed at the time (and therefore, received a name), it would have been Tammy and then all of the subsequent storms would have been pushed one name back from what we know them as.  What we call Tammy would have been Vince, Vince would become Wilma and Wilma… would have been Alpha, which would have forced the issue of retiring a Greek alphabet name.


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