FSU-Wake Forest

March 9, 2006

As painfully detailed yesterday, FSU has not been particularly successful in the ACC tournament, however, they are 4-4 on Thursdays.

A win today will lock up a bid to the NCAA tournament, while a loss leaves them in a precarious bubble situation.
FSU has lost to  Wake Forest both times they have met in the tournament previously, although this is the first time FSU has been the higher seed. FSU did win the regular season match-up 75-68.

A win today would give FSU three consecutive wins in March, the first time that’s happened since the FSU won four games in the NIT tournament in 1997.

Coach Leonard Hamilton is not pleased with the situation of FSU needing a win today to secure a bid:

“I don’t even know why I’m sitting here in fifth place in the ACC having to defend anything,” Hamilton said. “I’m really confused by that. As a matter of fact, I think we need six or seven teams in the tournament. I think that from top to bottom we’re as good as any league in America.”

FSU’s goal: Silence foes (Tallahassee Democrat)

FSU merited this comment in a discussion of the upper bracket of the ACC tournament:

LEAST TO GAIN No. 5 Florida State

Right now, the Seminoles are a No. 8 or No. 9 seed in the NCAA Tournament. They’ll probably get a bid even if they lose to Wake Forest today. But to move up to a No. 6 or higher, it would take at least three wins, meaning a dash to Sunday’s title game. Chris Rix will win the Heisman Trophy first.

Upper Bracket (Raleigh News Observer)


FSU does have respect for Wake Forest depspite the Deamon Deacons being in last place:

To hear Florida State’s players tell it, they will be playing the best last-place team in college basketball in today’s ACC Tournament first-round game against Wake Forest.

“They’ve got two great players,” senior Andrew Wilson said. “(Justin) Gray and (Eric) Williams are two of the best players in their school’s history. You can’t let those guys get rolling.

“They’ve got to be the best 12th seed in a conference in the country.”

FSU’s Wilson says Wake Forest is the best last-place team in any conference (Winston-Salem Journal)

Wake Forest is the only team at the bottom of their conference that does not have a losing record overall (they’re 15-15).  When you look over their schedule, you see that their only blowout losses were to Duke. The only team I could think of contending for the claim of best last-place team isSouth Florida and they did have a couple of suspicious out of conference losses that Wake did not have.

The game is at 2:30 (providing that the Miami-Clemson game ends in a timely fashion). Count yourself lucky if you are in a television market that’s showing it as it’s not being shown in Jacksonville (for people with high speed connections living in an area where the game’s not being shown, there is a webcast).


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