Summary of FSU’s performance in the ACC tournament

March 8, 2006

Unfortunately, a list of great FSU wins in the ACC tournament is comparable in magnitude to a list of great French military victories.  The gory details year by year:

1992 – FSU’s first year in the ACC and the only year they’ve made it to Saturday (semi-finals).  FSU was the #2 seed and beat NC State 93-80, but then lost to #3 North Carolina 80-76. FSU made it to the Sweet Sixteen in the Big Dance.
1993 –  Despite bringing the best team they’ve ever brought to the tourney, the #2 seeded Seminoles departed on Friday, losing the 7th seeded Clemson Tigers 87-75.  FSU went on to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament.

1994 – The years of pain begin.  UNC dispatches the 7th seeded Noles 83-69.

1995 –  Again the 7th seed, again the loser in their first game.  Maryland 71- FSU 64.

1996 – For the first time, FSU didn’t even play on Friday.  They lost to NC State 80-65 in the play-in game (between 8th and 9th seeds).

1997 – Needing a win to have a viable shot at the NCAA tournament and thereby keep his job ,coach  Pat Kennedy’s Seminoles lose  to Wake Forest 66-65. FSU went on to the finals of the NIT, but it was not enough to keep Kennedy employed.

1998 – New coach (Steve Robinson), same results. FSU plays only one game as they lose to NC State 65-63 (a matchup between 8th and 7th seeds, respectively). The ‘Noles did go on to the NCAA tournament (and lasted to the second round), thanks to a tough out of conference schedule that featured some quality wins.

1999 – The five year losing streak ends with a 87-85 win against the 7th seeded Clemson (who went on to be the NIT runner-up). The 8th seeded Seminoles, however, returned to their losing ways on Friday against Maryland (2 seed), 93-69.

2000 –    Again a win on Thursday for 7th seeded FSU  (63-62 against 8 seed Georgia Tech), followed by a loss on Friday to the 2 seed, Maryland (82-61).

2001 –  9th seeded Clemson sends 8th seeded FSU home 66-64 on Thursday.

2002 – Yet another win on Thursday (against Clemson, 91-84) followed by a loss to Maryland (85-59). Maryland, of course, went on to be national champions that year.

2003 –  New coach, familiar outcome.  FSU beats Clemson on Thursday 72-61, loses to Wake Forest, 69-61 on Friday.

2004 – In the last year to feature the play-in game, FSU gets a respite from it and has their opening game on Friday (as a 7th seed).   They lose to #2 seed NC State 78-71.  Their appearance in the NIT lasts until the 2nd round.

2005 – The first year with multiple games on Thursday.  NC State (7 seed)  dispatches (10 seed) FSU again, 70-54.

Overall, a record of 5-14 in the tournament. 4-4 on Thursday, 1-9 on Friday, and 0-1 on Saturday.


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