More on the new Navy uniforms.

March 7, 2006

A couple of things noticed since I wrote my New Navy Uniforms post…

I looked for the official message but didn’t find it before writing my post. I obviously did not look very carefully because it was there all along: NAVADMIN 070/06 New Navy Working Uniform and Service/Uniform Concepts Approved

The message makes it sound like that a jacket will be issued along with the service uniform. If that’s the case then it’s a welcome addition (there is a windbreaker available for wear with the current winter blues and summer whites, but since it’s a visible out of pocket expense).

The article in the print edition of the Navy Times points out how the once ubiquitous Dixie cup  hat is further marginalized with this change.  It will be worn only with the dress uniforms once the new uniforms go into affect; the currently optional garrison cap will be worn with the service uniform.

While the Dixie cup is the saltier headgear compared to the garrison cap, the white hat has its disadvantages.  It doesn’t take much for one to become dirty and no matter how you do it a once washed Dixie cup just isn’t as quite as bright as a brand new one.  The upshot is that you’re always buying a new one come inspection time.  I’ve gone through about a dozen dixie Cups in my seven years with the Navy, but still have my garrison cap (that would only need replacing if I were to lose it).


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