New location for profiles

February 1, 2006

(Things changed yet again this afternoon, pardon the overstrikes)

 And due to the Mac’s directory structure, the location on it ended up being same as it ever was

Overnight, the default location for profiles (the folders that contain your favorites, saved passwords, etc) on Linux and Windows, and Macintosh changed.  

Because of that, Flock users will have a fresh new profile the next time they install a new version of Flock.  This will give the appearance that their old profiles have disappeared or are otherwise lost.

However, that is not the case.  All one needs to do is copy the contents of the old profile directory into the new one.  

On Windows 2000 and XP this means copying the contents of C:\Documents and Settings\<your user>\Application Data\Mozilla\Flock\ into C:\Documents and Settings\<your user>\Application Data\Flockinc\Flock\ C:\Documents and Settings\<your user>\Application Data\Flock\Browser\

On Linux this means copying the contents of ~/.mozilla/flock/  into ~/.flockinc/flock   ./flock/browser

On Macintosh this means copying the contents of ~/Library/Application Support/Flock into

~/Library/Application Support/Browser



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