Flock now running happily on my Windows partition

January 6, 2006

In a couple of previous posts, I alluded to the performance issues I was having with Flock.  For example, merely typing ‘about:’ into the URL bar caused CPU usage to jump to 90%+ for at least ten seconds (during which Flock was unusable).

Well, today I had to take apart my laptop again (for the same reason as before).  While it was in pieces, I installed Flock on a Windows desktop, and didn’t have any such issues (even though the desktop has 128 mb RAM vs 512 on my laptop). 

The desktop installation was completely fresh, I didn’t import any bookmarks, history, etc.  That was not the case for my laptop installation, it took in everything from Firefox profile.

Not to say that my Firefox profile has a lot of stuff associated with it, but the first item in history is titled HURRICANE IVAN and is from when the storm was active.

This seemed to be the source of my problems with Flock. I ran cmd.exe to bring up the command line, then doing ‘flock –profile manager’ from the command line to bring up the Profile Manager so that I could created a new profile.  Created the new profile that was not associated with anything from the past, and now Flock runs quite happily.  Hooray.

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