First post from Flock

December 2, 2005

My endless tinkering for the sake of tinkering continues.

A couple of weeks ago or so I installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop (it replaced the Suse installation that had resided alongside Windows).  I’ve been quite happy with it.

I then set up a build enviroment for Firefox and got it to compile happily.  After doing that I decided to see if I could build Flock as well. Following the fbuild instructions I got Flock to build as well.  As noted previously, I’ve downloaded Flock on Windows, but have had no opportunity to play with it as it is afflicted by a horrible performance bug.  However, the bug does not seem to exist on Linux.  So I configured the Flock blog editor and am typing this post from there.  Yay.


9 Responses to “First post from Flock”

  1. WIP 20051209

    Today, I spent my time in :

    Bart led weekly meeting with whole team reviewed bugs and status of functional complete milestone for mid-December. 
    Work with Robin on his bug list.
    Submitted four months of expense reports.

    Tasks for Monday:

  2. […] Charles Fenwick and Mark Swan continue to both make very significant contributions to confirm Flock bugs are valid and verify bugs are fixed. The projects success will be their success. It is awesome having Vera as a full time Flocker, and in the office. She has wonderful energy and experience to share. […]

  3. […] Charles Fenwick did some more excellent bugzilla QA work, and I want to follow up on some of the bugs. […]

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