Not looking good…

November 11, 2005

Am not looking forward to Saturday’s game against Clemson. 

An Associated Press story gives one cause for concern: ‘Noles running back to miss second straight game. Now, Leon Washington is not our only quality tailback, Lorenzo Booker is quite capable as well.  However, the tailback is only one part of the running game.  The other part, of course, is the offensive line.

Which brings forth more reason to dread (from the Tallahassee Democrat):  No excuses, just fact: Hurt FSU linemen are piling up.


Mark McHale was forced to use PlanB weeks ago. The first-year Florida State offensive-line coach just hopes he doesn’t have to go much deeper in the alphabet.

The Seminoles are down to eight linemen – at best – who can be counted upon. And some of them are banged up…

Florida State will be in deep trouble if they do not get a running game going.  Consider the last two games they’ve played against Clemson.  On their last trip to Death Valley, in 2003,  they managed a mere 11 yards rushing.  358 passing yards were not enough to keep the Seminoles from losing 26-10.  In 2004 FSU managed 186 yards on the ground and won 41-22.


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