A Cannibal Conference and other college football notes

November 6, 2005

Miami’s defeat of Virginia Tech yesterday along with NC State’s victory over Florida State are the latest examples of how the worst enemies of ACC teams come from their own conference. 

The top halves of both divisions of the conference are comprised of teams whose only losses are inside the conference.  In the Atlantic, Clemson has losses to Miami, Boston College, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech;  Boston College has lost to Florida State, Virginia Tech, and UNC; Florida State lost to UVA and NC State. In the Coastal, Miami lost to FSU; Virgnia Tech lost to Miami; Georgia Tech lost to Virginia Tech and NC State.As such, the ACC has filled five teams eligible for the conference’s six bowl tie-ins.  Clemson can become eligible with either a win against South Carolina or Florida State.


It is crisis time at Florida State.  After a game in which they were outrushed 196 yards to 43, they have to travel to Clemson, site of a loss in 2003.  Then they go to The Swamp to play Florida.  After that? More likely than not, a mere rematch with the University of Miami.  Losing out is a very real possibility and is a guarantee if their offense repeats their performance in the second half of yesterday’s game (something like 70 yards of offense, low-lighted by two interceptions in the final two minutes).


The only team I know of that has a tougher finish is Alabama.  They have a home game against LSU, a road game against Auburn, then (if they win those two games), the SEC championship. Unlike the Seminoles, however, they appear to be equipped to finish well.


One Response to “A Cannibal Conference and other college football notes”

  1. Nico Says:

    Unfortunately, I’m not sure Alabama has what it takes to head into bowl season undefeated.

    We lost our center for the season against Mississippi State. He was the glue of a very patchwork line of redshirt freshmen and other inexperienced players. That could spell serious trouble for a team that’s been having a tough time providing good pass blocking lately.

    Our saving grace is the fact that our defense has only allowed 8 points per game. The offense doesn’t have to do too much to top that…thank goodness.

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